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Private labeling, another term for white labeling, refers to products that are manufactured by a third-party or contract manufacturer and sold under a retailer’s brand name. As the retailer, you get the opportunity to design the packaging, decide on your retail price, and have it produced by America’s Finest. We provide the product fulfillment and have an extensive line of CBD products available for private labeling. Businesses can enjoy comprehensive support from CBD staff training to preferred delivery methods.

Private Labeling Benefits

America’s Finest is proud to provide a turn-key process when it comes to CBD product fulfillment. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with the nation’s leading CBD private label production company, experiencing peace of mind knowing you can focus your efforts on other vital components of running a business.

High-Quality CBD Products: All of our finished CBD products are formulated with non-GMO, hemp-derived CBD along with organic ingredients. Each individual batch of CBD is third-party, independently tested for THC and other cannabinoid content. All of our full-spectrum products are tested for 0.3% THC or less while our CBD isolate products are tested for 0% THC. We’ve provided successful private labeling services for numerous businesses, ensuring the highest standards for quality and manufacturing.

Private Label Packaging Support: You’re always welcome to provide your own artworks and designs for private labeling. For companies that don’t have the proper marketing collateral available, we’re happy to provide our design resources to help you create your own custom labeling and branding.

Comprehensive Customer Care: We’re always available to answer questions and provide incredible care for all of our business clients. Whether you need help with CBD staff training, merchant processor tips, or proper FDA wording, we’ve got you covered.

Extensive Delivery Methods: America’s Finest is proud to provide three different delivery methods for our private label clients. We’re happy to ship your private label products directly to you, ship wholesale orders directly to your retailers, or provide retail fulfillment for your clients.

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Work with the Nation’s Preferred CBD Private Label Manufacturer

America’s Finest is proud to provide trusted CBD private label services for businesses throughout the nation. Achieve your goals by utilizing our incredible resources and taking advantage of our premium finished CBD products. If you’d like to learn more regarding our private label services, please contact us!