White Label Manufacturing Process

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America’s Finest CBD is honored to provide the most comprehensive white labeling program, enabling businesses in the CBD industry to achieve success. By providing extensive finished products that have been well-received by customers of all ages and backgrounds, we’re proud to deliver options for our trusted business clients. Our previously produced finished CBD products are available for white labeling at no additional cost, providing premium, safe items that offer optimal therapeutic and medicinal potential.

Whether you decide to provide the artwork or would like to work with our design team to create custom branding, our white label team is here to support you every step of the way. We’re honored to offer three delivery options to fulfill your white label needs: shipping the order directly to the client, shipping wholesale orders directly to your specified retail stores, and/or providing direct retail fulfillment.

Our Manufacturer Process

We strive to provide leading products that are effective, high-quality, and deliver the benefits your customers are looking for. Through our comprehensive manufacturing process, we’ve created renowned finished CBD products that are versatile enough for any market while staying true to promoting health and wellness.

Research and Development: Our dedicated team begins each manufacturing process with thorough research and development. We spend extensive time researching different product ideas, collaborating with other industry professionals, and then implementing these ideas into reality. With the help of expert formulators, we begin the development process to find what the best, organic ingredients are available for formulation. By pairing non-GMO, hemp-derived CBD with proven botanicals, we’re able to find powerful synergy between ingredients.

Starting Phase: Once we’ve created multiple recipes and potential formulations, we begin the starting phase. Our team continues the research process, finding viable, organic sources for all the other potential ingredients we’d like to incorporate into our formulas. We always source domestically when we can, but prioritize organic, non-GMO ingredients to ensure the safest formulations.

Concept Analysis: We utilize our wealth of resources for thorough concept analysis, discussing our ideas, formulations, and ingredients with healthcare professionals, industry experts, and other trusted sources. As one of the most critical phases in CBD product manufacturing, we take the time to analyze any missing ingredients, potential sourcing or manufacturing concerns, and anything that could jeopardize our high-quality standards.

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Product Sample: When our formulations have passed the concept analysis phase, we work with our expert formulators to create product samples. We’ll create as many samples as needed to find the perfect formula for our intended creation. All of our products are cruelty-free, we never perform animal testing. Each batch of CBD is third-party, independently tested to ensure less than 0.3% THC for full-spectrum products and 0% THC for CBD isolate products.

Approval: Once our standards have been met and we decide which product samples achieve the health benefits we’re looking for, our company meets for product approval. We only take each item to production if our entire team is happy and stands behind the product. By working together and ensuring all industry experts approve of a potential product, we’ve been able to create our successful line of finished CBD products.

Production: The last phase of manufacturing is production. Our team of designers finds the best product packaging for aesthetics and functionality, adhering to marketing and FDA guidelines. Our manufacturing facility is CDPHE-certified, following cGMP practices, and closely monitored Standard Operating Procedures.

Work with the Nation’s Leading White Label CBD Manufacturer

Proven and true, our high-quality formulations are available for white labeling. If our extensive line doesn’t offer a product that you’re interested in carrying, work with our expert formulators for custom creations of your own. We provide competitive pricing paired with ethical sourcing of formulation ingredients and are happy to provide all the support you need to run a successful CBD business. If you’d like to learn more information regarding our white label CBD process, please contact us!

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