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Our Manufacturing options

White label

Interested in getting involved in the CBD industry but don’t have your own product formulations? Looking to expand your existing CBD product lines but not sure about how to develop certain products? Our white label program offers successful, premium products that are all available for your business. White label products are finished CBD products that have been produced by America’s Finest that your business can rebrand as your own.

Tested and proven, our successful CBD product lines can be rebranded with your art and labeling. We offer flexibility as well as a large inventory that’s able to fulfill any size order. With incredible finished CBD products in every category: tinctures, topicals, capsules, suppositories, edibles, gummies, beverages, vapes, and more, expanding your product line or starting your own CBD company is completely attainable. We offer competitive pricing with substantial discounts on our finished CBD products.

We’re honored to offer three delivery options to fulfill your white label needs: shipping the order directly to the client, shipping wholesale orders directly to your specified retail stores, and/or providing direct retail fulfillment to your customers.

Pump Bottle

Private Labeling

Private labeling, another term for white labeling, refers to products that are manufactured by a third-party or contract manufacturer and sold under a retailer’s brand name. As the retailer, you get the opportunity to design the packaging, decide on your retail price, and have it produced by America’s Finest. We provide fulfillment and have an extensive line of CBD products available for private labeling. Businesses can enjoy comprehensive support from CBD staff training to preferred delivery methods.

Custom Formulations

We want to help every one of our business clients succeed in making their dreams a reality. That’s why America’s Finest offers custom formulation services for those passionate about creating the perfect CBD product. Work with our leading scientists and formulators to get the exact product you need for your business. Whether you have a solid idea or need active collaboration, we’re here to help you every step of the way.  

Formulation fees are based on the scope of work, acquisition costs, as well as the number of samples provided.

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